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  Breast aesthetic applications are generally performed in three stages;

  • Breast (breast) augmentation surgeries

  • Breast (breast) reduction surgeries

  • They are aesthetic operations grouped as breast (breast) lift surgeries. 

     Breast aesthetics is among the most preferred operations performed by millions of women around the world. The number of women undergoing breast surgery continues to rise every year. Women prefer to go under the knife and undergo surgery to get rid of their complaints about their breasts.

       The most preferred purpose of breast aesthetics is the desire of women with small breasts to have larger breasts through breast prosthesis application. The second reason for choosing breast aesthetic operations is the correction of deformed breast structure. This is usually among the methods used by women who have given birth to get rid of the deformation and sagging of their breasts that occur after breastfeeding. The third most common reason for breast aesthetics is that women with large breasts prefer breast reduction operations to achieve smaller breasts.

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